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Kongsberg International School is open to everyone who fills the requirements to enter state schools in Norway. Admissions for the new school year are confirmed in May each year. Students can also apply to join KIS at any point during the school year if places are available. If places are not available, your child's name can be placed on our waiting lists to be considered for admission, according to our admissions policy, when a place becomes available. Parents of wait-listed children should contact the school regularly to confirm their wish to have their child remain on the waiting list.


For more information about our admissions process, please see the KIS Admissions Policy. 

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Parents wishing to apply to KIS should first complete an application form. When a space is offered, parents must sign and return a contract in order to confirm the place. As the school uses electronic communication, please make sure to enter a valid email address in the application form.


For more information please contact the Admissions Officer, Tina Fjelddalen

Mon-Fri 0800 - 1600

+47 32 29 93 80

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