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Admissions Process

When an application is received by the school this is the procedure the Admissions Officer follows:


  1. Confirmation that the application has been received is sent to parents via email. Stating a valid email address on the application is therefore vital!

  2. Application’s priority is decided in accordance with the current, governing Board approved KIS Admissions Policy.

  3. Depending the application, one of the following will happen:

  • If the application is for a future Grade 1, it is confirmed as received to parents and stored until December in the year preceding school start-up. At that time all applications will be reviewed and offers will be sent out to new Grade 1 families. Process explained in step 5.

  • If the application is specified for a specific date/school year in the future, a decision will be made closer in time to that date. The main admission for coming school year begins in May every year. Process explained in step 5.

  • If the application is for “Earliest possible start-up”, step 4 will initiate.

4. Two things come in to play if an application asks for “Earliest possible start date”:

  • Are there any available places in the class immediately?

  • Will any places open up in near future?

If there are no available places now or in near future, a written Confirmation of Decision (Enkeltvedtak) will be sent immediately explaining that there are no available places. This does not diminish the chances of receiving an offer down the line, but the school is obligated to send this if a place is not available.


If there is a place available, step 5 will initiate.

5. When a place is available during an admissions process, an offer will go out from the School Office to the family with the highest priority. The offer will contain a Confirmation of Decision (Enkeltvedtak), a contract and the Parent Student Handbook. It is expected that parents read the Handbook before signing the contract.

Upon receiving an offer, the family will be given a deadline for replying. If the signed contract has not been received by the school by the end of that date, the offer will be forfeited and pass to the next family on the list. If the signed contract is returned, it will be countersigned by the Head of School or Business Manager and a copy returned to the family.


After a countersigned contract has been sent back, the family will receive two emails; one containing information about the school and one containing a few forms which have to be filled out and returned to the school as soon as possible so that all necessary information is in place before start-up date.


That’s it, and everything is now ready for the child to start at KIS!


A few other things that are useful to know:

  • An administration fee of 2000 NOK will be issued upon completed admissions process. This sum will be deducted from the first month’s tuition fee. The administration fee is invoiced in all cases when a school place is accepted and students are not starting immediately.

  • All new families, regardless of whether they are already in Norway or not, will be asked to fill out a Tuberculosis Declaration. If you are coming here from a country defined by WHO as a country with a high prevalence for tuberculosis, a test will have to be completed at the local hospital before the child can start. Please contact the school if you require more information about this.


  • The Confirmation of Decision is to be sent in the language most likely to be understood by the child. KIS only sends out in either English or Norwegian, or both if it’s unclear which language will most likely be accessible to the child in question.


  • From time to time we do receive applications for children too old to attend KIS. These are not added to the waiting lists and are not sent a Confirmation of Decision. These families will have to contact for example Kongsberg Videregående Skole.


  • Some families ask to have a place reserved over time. The school is unfortunately not allowed to do this for a long period of time. Please contact the office in case you want to discuss special circumstances.

  • If you accept an offer, you have the right to cancel. If you decide to cancel, you must fill a cancellation form and return to the school within 14 days of signing the contract. Any fees paid by the time the form is received by the school, will be returned to the account number specified on the form. If the place is cancelled more than 14 days after the contract has been signed, the administration fee will not be refunded. Be aware that those signing the contract must also sign the cancellation form.

  • We require signature of both parents on the contract. If there are special circumstances relating to why only one parent can/should sign, we do require documentation relating to this before we can confirm that place.

  • Adults cannot be offered a place at KIS even if they have not completed 10 years of elementary and middle school. Anyone too old to attend KIS must contact their own home municipality for information about local educational offers for adults.

Regarding kindergaten/preschool

At KIS, we only offer primary and middle school education and do not have an offer for children still in kindergarten or preschool. We have cooperation agreements with two local kindergartens who have special focus on international families. Please contact them directly for more information:


Kongsberg Montessori Barnehage:


Dampsaga Barnehage:

All applications for places in a kindergarten in Kongsberg must go through Kongsberg kommune. Application form can be found on their websites:


Application to Diploma Programme

KIS does not offer the IB Diploma Programme at the moment. Please contact the DP Coordinator, Kelvin Peters, at Kongsberg Videregående Skole for information regarding the IB DP in Kongsberg :

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