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Available places - Primary school

Imagine a place where learning is fun and where you are actively engaged throughout the learning process. Students at KIS have unique opportunities to get to know other children and teachers from all over the world, providing insightful experiences with a multitude of cultures, languages and traditions. 

We currently have a few available places in Grade 1, 2, 3 and 5 from August 2023!


So why choose KIS for your child?

Our main focus is always student well-being and we do this through seeing each individual student. We want to build close relationships with all students and help them develop into caring members of the global society. At KIS work towards having a cross-school community where the older students see and care for the younger ones, and where staff and students come together to work towards a common goal.

We see great value in living balanced lives and have therefore no homework in Grade 1-6! This ensures time for afternoon activities and rest outside of school hours.

Although electronic devices such as tablets and laptops provide a myriad of learning opportunities, we limit our use of screens. In Grade 1 we emphasize the importance of learning to write using pen and paper to train fine motor skills and ensure students learn proper writing skills. In fact, Grade 1 students do not use any screen devices until the second semester! And even then only as a source for information in the same way we use books and other resources.

Our classes have a maximum of 20 students per class and only one class per grade! This ensures time to follow up each student and also facilitates for a close knit community. Students in Grade 1 have buddies in Grade 6 who helps the youngest students feel safe and welcome at school. Through activities across school such as house days, celebrations and school show we build our community feeling and relationships throughout the school year.

Through student agency we encourage students to take responsibility for their schooling. They are actively involved in planning and shaping their school days and learning experiences. Already from Grade 1 we guide students in how to gather information and make independent choices, and this is continuously built through the following years.


By fostering curiosity we aim for our students to be open for all that life has to offer! When students develop a general curiosity in life, we see an instant connection between what is taught in the classroom and life beyond school. They use their acquired skills actively in all aspects of life becoming life-long learners.

You can hear what parents and former students have to say about the school by clicking here!

Curious to learn more? Call or email us today: +47 322 99 380

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