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KIS Buddy System

Students who join KIS in grade one are given a lot of support to help them feel comfortable here at KIS.


In the spring, the incoming grade 1 students have the opportunity to visit KIS at least five times. During two of those visits they are paired up with a grade 5 student or two who will be their buddies when they are in grade 1. Throughout the year, the grade 6 students help their grade 1 buddies feel safe and welcome at KIS. They look after them on the playground at the beginning of the year in particular. They get together at least once a week to do projects together, practice math problem solving together or do some reading together. They sit together during all school assemblies.


In the fall, the grade 1 students are also paired up with an MYPD student, who becomes their big buddy. They help them feel like a part of the school by getting to know them and creating individualized nametags for the grade 1 student desks and job chart. These also helps the grade 1 students feel safer since they now know the names of the biggest students in the school.


In the years following grade 1, the buddy classes continue to support one another through computer help, game testing, and other interactive activities.

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