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Exploring Singapore

In May 2019 our MYPD (grade 10) took on an in-depth inquiry about globalization in the context of Singapore – looking at the past, present and future!

The class explored global citizenship in terms of both possibilities and responsibilities. In the project they studied the global marketplace from a local, national and global level. One aim was to create global awareness without emphasizing stereotypes, as well as understanding the causes and effects of globalization. From our curriculum perspective we explored significant issues in technology/design, communication/languages and culture/individuals and societies. The students had to, amongst other things, look into investments, cultural cooperation, diplomacy, innovation, global responsibility, ethical and moral standards and city planning. In the end, the students allowed their new competence to expressly focus on their role in Norway’s future in the global marketplace, and were considering what they, as the future, have to offer a changing world.


During our trip to Singapore we visited: LKC Natural History Museum, Kongsberg Maritime, Chinatown, Innovation Norway, Singapore Discovery Center, Gardens by the Bay, NBAS, Displaced Person’s Welcome Dinner (The play), Orchard Shopping Area, Technip FMC, Canadian International School Singapore (Lakeside), Sentosa Island, The Royal Norwegian Embassy, East Coast Park and the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Please take a look at this student production to see a summary of some of our new learning that came out of the project: Click here to see the fantastic YouTube video!

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