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Fostering International Mindedness

A learning community that values the world as the broadest context for learning is typically fostering international mindedness. At KIS we increase understanding of both languages and cultures through the curriculum and through interactions with others. An international minded person, or an international minded learning environment for that matter, not only tolerates diversity, but sees diversity as a strength to be celebrated. Through interactions and knowing more about people different than us, we develop an understanding of our own perspectives as well as the perspectives of others. The IB as an organization aims to create a better and more peaceful world through education. In order to do this, IB schools must enable students to develop their caring, empathy and action. KIS tries to stimulate agency and action to the level of global engagement in many different ways, both in Kongsberg and abroad. Below are a few samples of projects or events fostering international mindedness.
MYPD in Singapore 209
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