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Welcome from Head of School

I am delighted, excited, and honoured to be taking on the Head of School role at Kongsberg International School (KIS), and working with the remarkable team of professionals here. 


At Kongsberg International School we appreciate and value the importance of choosing the right education for your child. As such, we offer your child a holistic education in a nurturing, multi-cultural community. 

At KIS we have exceptional, well-qualified and experienced staff members who work collaboratively to offer students a high-quality educational experience. Guided by our mission: 

-       we aspire to excellence 

-       we are committed as reflective, creative and divergent thinkers in global society

-       we value authentic and principled learning   

-       we empower our learners to put learning into responsible action  


Kongsberg International School is an IB World school, authorised to deliver both the Primary and Middle Years Programmes. We foster international mindedness and support active participation in our community by helping students gain an understanding of how their actions can have a local and global impact. 


During our recent IBO evaluation, the visiting team highlighted how the learning experience at KIS is shaped by the spirit of community where all stakeholders, students, teachers, parents, and the wider community, work together towards creating thoughtful, successful, independent global citizens who embody the attributes of the Learner Profile. In line with the standards of the International Baccalaureate Organization all our teachers have received ongoing IB training in order to effectively deliver one of the best educational programmes available. 


The language of instruction at KIS is English, while still offering all students the opportunity to learn, engage and celebrate in the Norwegian language and culture. KIS does not seek to compete with the Norwegian state schools, but we are a solid alternative for those who want to choose differently. 


Viktor Frankl was accredited with the quote, Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. 


If you feel that KIS is the right response for your child’s educational future, that we can be instrumental in the growth of your child, then please check out the admissions information on our website for further information. We also encourage you to contact the school should you need any further information on the school.   


I look forward to welcoming you all to KIS!! 




Hewa Thompson
Head of School

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