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KIS Board

What does the Board do?


The Board is the governing body of the school. Its approval is required for all major legal and financial business conducted by the school as it seeks to achieve its educational aims. It approves key policies and strategic action plans, and delegates to the Head of School the day-to-day administration and carrying out of the approved policies and plans.


The Board has ultimate responsibility for the school and the implementation of the strategic plans it has approved. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the school is run according to current laws and regulations. For example, The Independent Schools Act names some specific duties and responsibilities of the Board.


Who is on the Board?


The original Kongsberg International School Board comprised members from the founding organisations of KIS:

  • FMC Subsea

  • Kongsberg Gruppen

  • Kongsberg Automotive

  • Kongsberg Chamber of Commerce

These organisations oversaw the establishment of the school within Kongsberg. When this process was complete, the make-up of the board was reviewed and overhauled.


Today, FMC and Kongsberg Gruppen still retain one place between them on the board. Further board members are recruited locally by an election committee, attempting to cover a range of competencies required by the school. There must be a minimum of five board members and the board meets regularly throughout the year.


The current board members are:


Hege Myhre (Chair of the Board)

Lars Ole Bjørnsrud (Deputy Chair)

Anne Gro Kjørstad

Anniken Tangerud

Gro Sel Tveito   

Jørn K. Lindtvedt

Kristin Franck


According to the Independent Schools Act, the following also have the right to attend board meetings, state their opinions and have these entered into the minutes:

  • The Head of School

  • A parent representative

  • A teaching staff representative

  • A non-teaching staff representative

  • A student representative

  • A representative from the host local authority (Kongsberg Kommune)

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