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Welcome from Head of Middle School

Welcome to Middle Years Programme!

As a student in the MYP, you will participate in a rigorous academic programme aimed at developing internationally minded people who recognize their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet. Learning in the MYP is inquiry based and concept-driven, and students take an active part in their own learning for developing a range of knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to meet the demands of their future education, work and life. We recognise the rapidly changing role of technology in our world and support our students in becoming skilled in its use as a tool for learning.

We emphasise that no subject is more important than others and that our school programme works toward training our students in the ways of transferring concepts, knowledge and skills between and across the subject groups. Interdisciplinary learning between the subjects inspires new and interesting ideas for solutions to complex problems. We value real-world connections and the use of external experts and aim to provide opportunities for learning that has meaning and value beyond success in school.

In our small, close-knit school community, we focus on how we learn and how we can use what we learn for a common good. Our shared language is English, and we encourage the active use of English to develop proficiency in linguistic, analytical and communicative skills whilst encouraging and supporting the development of Norwegian and the many mother-tongue languages of our students.

Open communication and inclusiveness both in and outside of school are important factors towards building a strong sense of belonging for the students. The close relationships between students, parents and teachers built during these important years last long past the time spent in MYP.


Hilde Bakken

Head of Middle School and IB MYP Coordinator

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What is the MYP?

The MYP is a challenging framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world. The MYP curriculum framework comprises eight subject groups, providing a broad and balanced education for early adolescents.

Events and Field Trips

Educational field trips and events are very successful ways to learn by doing and address authentic inquiry and learning challenges in real life. MYP students at KIS get to take part in a variety of events and trips in the course of a school year.

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