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Parent Teacher Association - PTA

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a powerful organization within our learning community. It serves to promote parent involvement and build strong working relationships among parents, teachers and the school.


At KIS we are very lucky to have both resourceful and active parents caring for our community. The PTA works closely with the school to seek optimized opportunities for improving the learning and the well-being of our students in many different ways.  PTA meetings can serve as venues for discussions about a variety of educational issues, or any other matter that concerns or excites parents.


PTA provides parent perspectives to whole school matters, shares ideas for improvements, lobby for our school in the local community, fund-raise for various projects such as traffic safety, library resources, playground equipment etc. It is also through collaboration with the PTA reps that KIS is enabled to run such an extensive trip and excursion program as we currently have in our school.


For more information about the PTA, please contact the Chair of the PTA, Mathilda Pangaribuan at

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