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Physical Health and Education

The Physical education at Kongsberg International School takes place in a wide variety of locations. The school takes advantage of the local environment when exploring a considerable range of activities.


For swimming, students use Skinnarberga Rehabiliteringssenter, a small, well heated pool, that provides an ideal setting for a nice introduction to swimming. As the students get older, their swimming lessons switch to Kongsberg Idrettshall, which gives students a lot more space.


PYP PHE locations and activities

Students in grade 1-4 spend a lot of their time having PE outside, whereas the curriculum is customized to a rugged and changing terrain. Students will experience outside activities in all seasons. In grade 5-6, students have PE at Idrettshallen, where we get to make use of a large hall and a wide selection of equipment.


MYP PHE locations and activities

Students in MYP start taking greater advantage of their local environment. Physical and health education lessons are held at Kongsberhallen, a large gym hall used in a variety of local sport arrangements.


In MYPA, students study golf at the local golf course and ice skating at the ice rink inside Kongsberghallen.


In MYPB, students have tennis lessons at the local tennis club.


Students in MYPC have cross country skiing at the tracks in Funkelia.


In MYPD, students have a downhill unit when they will be going to the local ski resort. MYPC and MYPD also do rock climbing right by the historic royal monograms at Kronene i Håvet and at a larger wall in Svartås. MYPC and MYPD classes also have a unit at Family Sports Club, a local fitness center.


Throughout every year of MYP, students spend time in the local forest, where they will learn general hiking knowledge, first aid and how to prepare food in the wilderness. Several of the summer activities are also taught at Kongsberg Idrettspark, an arena for althletics and a wide selection of sports.

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