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Welcome from Head of Primary

Welcome to KIS PYP!


Walking into the KIS primary classrooms is always such a great joy for me. I love seeing how excited the children are about their learning and how much they care about making the world a better place. KIS teachers are passionate about helping children discover their strengths and improve upon them. Children at KIS are encouraged to show agency: to have voice, choice and ownership in their learning. We want them to take action on what they learn. Although we have a structured curriculum framework, we encourage students to follow their interests and ask deep questions about the ideas we introduce as well as those they encounter out in the real world. We want to see them develop as inquirers, thinkers and change-makers. We want the children to develop their creativity in order to make our world a more beautiful and entertaining place.


As an IB school, we follow the IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP). The PYP is a curriculum format that allows for this type of inquiry and action to happen, yet it also has high academic goals in its expectations of how the children learn to think about and process their learning through concepts and transdisciplinary skills.


KIS is a school where we are working together towards these goals. Parents are a welcome and necessary part of our learning community. We value the various linguistic and cultural backgrounds of our students. We celebrate that we are not all the same.


I welcome you to our learning community.



Sofie Jørstad

Head of Primary / PYP Coordinator

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Learning in PYP

The IB Primary Years Programme is a curriculum framework for children ages 3-12. At KIS, the PYP covers grades 1-6. We have an inquiry and concept-based curriculum that is organized according to the 6 transdisciplinary themes outlined by the IB. We seek to develop skills within the various approaches to learning (thinking, research, social, communication, self-management).

PYP Curriculum at KIS

The Programme of Inquiry is the organizational framework PYP schools use to give an overview of the units the students will study at each grade level.


An overview over the current POI's used in the PYP can be found by clicking the button.

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