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School Nurses

The school nurse for Grade 1-MYPA is:

Elin Weirud

Phone: 905 02 167

Office hours: Thursday 08.30-15.30

Elin's door is open for visit Thursday's and the students can contact her directly.

She does support conversations with students and can offer parental guidance. In addition to scheduled vaccinations at specific age levels, she can re-vaccinate in accordance with the national child vaccination program.

The school nurse for MYPB-MYPD is:

Monica Bergo Helle

Phone: 916 43 368

Office hours: Mondays 09.00-11.00

Monica has been a school nurse since 2017 and have previously worked with both small children and youth. She now works in Ung Helse in Kongsberg in both middle school and high school.

Useful links:

Children's vaccination program (English)

Barnevaksinasjonsprogrammet (Norwegian)

Skolehelsetjenesten (Norwegian)

Ung helse/Helsestasjon for ungdom (Norwegian)

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