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Student Support Center

KIS has a strong focus on an inclusive school environment where each student is seen as an important part of the learning community. The Student Support Center is a resource center for students and staff to provide and coordinate academic support and counseling. The Student Support Center consists of the PYP Student Support Coordinator and MYP Student Support Coordinator who work in close collaboration with classroom teachers and support staff. 

Inclusion Policy 

More about the school’s Inclusion Policy, including information about special education and procedures for collaboration with external agencies, can be found here: KIS Inclusion Policy 


Psychosocial Environment 

All students in Norway have a right to a safe and positive school environment. If you are concerned about your child’s well-being at school, please contact the student’s contact teacher or Head of Programme first. If the situation is not resolved, please inform the Student Support Center and Head of School using this form: Complaint regarding psychosocial environment


More information in English from the Norwegian Directorate of Education can be found here: 


Relevant Links 

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Better Multi-agency Collaboration

Bedre Tverrfaglig Innsats for barn og unge

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