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Why choose KIS?

"You learn how to utilize the information in the curriculum instead of just cramming - an ability you have more use for later in life. And it's the nicest school!" - KIS student, graduated 2017

"KIS gave me more confidence in my work and also made me more curious and hungry for knowledge, which is something I have brought with me today" - KIS student, graduated 2006

"After my 10 years at KIS, I have really brought a lot with me, like when I applied to a private school for hairdressers instead of going to high school. I was 16 at that point and the school would only accept 18+ students. I showed them my personal project [on hairdressing] and I got accepted right away!" - KIS student, graduated 2015

"KIS was more than school, it was my second home; the teachers were warm, welcoming and funny. They wanted to teach! From KIS I have taken with me friends for life, which to me is very important." - KIS student, graduated 2017

"KIS was a school like no other. I stayed only a year and felt as though I'd been there for years. The teachers were so inclusive and ahead of modern education ideas for that time. It made me feel so welcome and that I had a family when I had felt alone, being moved to a country where I knew no one and didn't speak the language." - KIS student, graduated 2005

"I think the way the whole school treats each student is so important. KIS recognizes each and every student, and challenges them to improve. I have a lot of good memories, good friends, and the pride of being an alumnus from KIS." - KIS student, graduated 2009

Visit our YouTube channel for more videos of our students! These were made ahead of our anniversary school show "Legacy" in 2018!

At KIS, we are committed to providing a quality education for all our students. We do this through:

  • Personalization: We value each student for who they are and promote their strengths, emphasizing small class sizes and teacher-student relationships.

  • Academic excellence: KIS is part of a network of over 4000 certified International Baccalaureate World Schools. We are proud to offer, after a rigorous authorization process, the worl-renowned IB Primary Years and Middle Years programmes.

  • Global responsibility, local rooting: We come form different countries and cultures, but we share Kongsberg as a home. We encourage students to engage with their communities, both within and outside of school.

Curious about the benefits of IB for students or want to learn more about why the IB is different? Click the links below:

Parents about KIS

"After living abroad, we wanted our children to continue in an international environment. They already knew 3 languages, and as parents, we knew the importance of being proficient in multiple languages and wanted this to be maintained and further developed. With the small class sizes at KIS, the teachers have a better chance of catching student needs and monitoring development.​ And a smaller school gives closer follow-up of students in need of extra support. Similarly, students in need of more challenges can receive additional assignments or participate in student council groups. It also gives students the chance to get to know each others better across the school, and the teachers a better chance at getting to know each individual student.


The zero tolerance for bullying which is followed up by the staff. The school uniform is a small cost and prevents negative focus on clothing brands, colors and patters; it's one less thing to bully other students about.

The students learn to present their school work in from of the class early on, giving a better self-esteem. The annual school show is something the students work towards with great enthusiasm and joy. This show truly shows parents how different grades work together to achieve one goal; the school show.

An amazing PTA (FAU) where most parents contribute to a good environment in class with several activities throughout the year. This creates a tighter bond between parents and they get to know other parents with children in the same class. The PTA also contributes to nicer experiences for the whole KIS community; from donating climbing frame to the playground to selling cakes, coffee etc. at school events.

The feeling of unity between students, teachers and parents is very strong."

- KIS parents

"Our child was originally going to public school, but after much consideration we found that KIS was a better choice both practically and financially. Once we changed schools, our child immediately found his place at KIS. We liked the fact that KIS did not start with homework from day 1 like the public school did.

There is a lot of international industry in Kongsberg... We appreciate that the industry saw the need for an international school and that 4 companies came together to found the school. It is a big advantage that the children learn English properly and early on which they do because the lessons are held in English at KIS. 

The social environment at the school is very good. With a small school with fewer students in each class, the teachers have more time to focus on each student.

Our experience is that the parents are more involved at a private school due to a clarified perspective on schooling and what one wants for their children.

KIS is also an IB World School which we believe will give the students an advantage in their future education."

- KIS parents

«Vi tror et mindre miljø/samfunn skaper bedre vilkår for læring, og gjør det enklere å bli sett og inkludert.» - KIS parent

«Med bakgrunn i egne og andres erfaringer fra skolesystemet, så ønsket vi en litt annerledes tilnærming til læring hvor man integrerer teorien i praksis og jobber tverrfaglig.» - KIS parent

«Vi tror at en multikulturelt miljø, hvor annerledes er normen, gjør det å være tolerant til det naturlige valget.» - KIS parent

«Det er en gave å vokse opp som tospråklig, og med to helnorske foreldre så er dette det nærmeste barnet vårt kommer.» - KIS parent

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