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Our Library fosters a secure and inviting atmosphere contributing to intellectual curiosity and engaged learning. Our collection includes both fiction and nonfiction books in English and Norwegian, spanning across traditional and digital formats. Additionally, we proudly showcase a diverse display of fiction books in students' mother tongues, largely contributed by our supportive international parent community.

Library with a PYP student
Small library

Welcome to the Library!

The Library is open from 08.45 every day and stays open until the students have gone home. 

We want our library to be a safe space for everyone and students are always welcome to come here for different activities, to focus on personal well-being, to find some peace and quiet or just to hang out for a while.

Students engaged in reading

Ask our Librarian!

Our Librarian is always happy to help answer any questions about the library and library resources.


Claudia Videira

Primary and Middle School in the Library

PYP classes have weekly lessons in the library, while MYP students are responsible for visiting the library independently and are always welcome during the school day.

Our library runs a Library Club twice a week, where students from Grade 4 to Grade 6 are invited to join during lunch break. Here the students have the chance to share their reading, to help the librarian keeping the library tidy, and many other activities. Library Club offers a welcome place to everyone!

Big library


Follett Destiny
Sora Reading App

Online Resources

Britannica (requires log-in if access outside of the school)


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Kongsberg Kommune Bibliotek

KIS Academic Integrity Policy

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