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The Kongsberg International School library provides a learning environment that encourages intellectual exploration and active learning. With a wide range of books, KIS Library supports our school community, especially with their inquiry activities. Most of our fiction and non-fiction books are in English but we also have a wide selection in Norwegian. KIS Library also has a good selection of mother tongue fiction books, most of them generously donated by foreign parents. It has been a priority to cover and increase the languages represented at the school, in order to support our foreign students’ reading.


Library lessons

PYP classes have weekly lessons in the library for 45 minutes, while MYP students are responsible for visiting the library independently and are always welcome during the school day.


Library Club

KIS library runs a Library Club, where students from Grade 4 to Grade 6 are invited to join during lunch break twice a week. Here the students have the chance to share their reading, to help the librarian keeping the library tidy, and many other activities. Library Club offers a welcome place to everyone.


Library catalogue

The school library works with Follett DESTINY, an online database that works as an online reading community, designed to engage students, parents and teachers in reading for pleasure. You can search for books, eBooks, online encyclopedia and other resources.

Library resources

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