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Student Life

One of our great strengths is ensuring an inclusive and caring environment for all students. We value a steadfast cooperation with parents to achieve this. And we see the result in alumni keeping in touch long after they have graduated.

Here we have gathered relevant practical information about the day-to-day life at the school.


School Uniforms

Kongsberg International School is one of the only schools in Norway whose students are required to wear school uniform. We use school uniform as we believe it promotes equality and a shared identity and reduces peer pressure and bullying.​

The uniform at KIS consists of top half clothing only and should be the top layer of clothing.


The royal (light) blue uniform is for the primary school (PYP) and the navy (dark) blue uniform is for the middle school (MYP). Sample uniforms are avaiable in the school office should you want to try on different sizes before ordering. 

For any questions concerning ordering of uniform, please contact Supportershoppen at: or by phone: + 47 32 73 18 66. 

School uniforms must be ordered through our supplier's  webshop.

KIS Alumni

One of the strengths of KIS is the diverse and phenomenal student body. We value our students as collaborative and equal partners in creating our learning environment, and we grow very fond of each and every one of our students. Former students have demonstrated that when they leave KIS, they continue cultivating their passions and dreams in their specific way – leading to achievement in very many fields. We are pleased to stay in touch with KIS alumni, and appreciate every single visit we get!

If you are a former KIS student, we invite you to stay in touch please send us an email.

KIS Alumni Students at Legacy Show

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an important organization within our school community. It serves to promote parent involvement and build strong working relationships among parents, teachers and the school. We are very lucky to have both resourceful and active parents and the PTA works closely with the school to seek opportunities for improving the learning and the well-being of our students.

The PTA provides parent perspectives to whole school matters, shares ideas for improvements, lobby for our school in the local community, fund-raise for various projects such as traffic safety, library resources, playground equipment and much more.


For more information about the PTA, please contact the Chair of the PTA, Alexander Cosby at

Application for Student Leave

The school can grant up to a maximum of 2 weeks’ leave (for reasons other than medical ones) in accordance with the Independent Schools Act §3-13. We encourage parents to keep this type of absence to a minimum and expect parents to arrange family holidays during the school holidays.

For planned absences, requests must be made in writing well in advance of the requested absence. For absences of up to two days, applications must be sent to the contact teacher. For requests of more than two days up to a maximum of two weeks, requests must be sent to the Head of Primary or Head of Middle School. We request that applications to the Head of Primary or Middle School are made via the button below.


For planned absences, Middle School students are expected to contact their teachers to discuss work they can do during, before or after their absence or how to catch up important work missed. Parents of Primary School students are also asked to similarly check with the class teacher.

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