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SFO - Before and After School Supervision

KIS offers Before and After School Supervision (SFO) for all students Grades 1-6 in the SFO building next to the KIS playground. Children are given the opportunity to engage in self-chosen play-based activities. This helps them develop their social and self-management skills in a relaxed atmosphere.

More information regarding this offer can be found in our Parent Student Handbook, the SFO Handbook or by contacting the Office.

SFO at KIS runs from 0730 until 0900 and from 1500 until 1645 (0730-1630 during school holidays and planning days) for all Primary School students.

SFO Fees from August 2023 are: 

Full-time place (per month): 2600 NOK

Part-time place (per month): 1700 NOK

Emergency single session: 160 NOK

SFO holiday days (SFO on days when school is closed): 425 NOK for students not signed up to SFO


A full-time SFO place covers all morning and afternoon sessions on school days in a given week in addition to all SFO holiday days. A part-time place covers half of the SFO sessions on school days in a given week and SFO holiday days are invoiced at reduced price 200 kr per day. For administrative reasons, SFO sign-up must be for a minimum 3-month period. A similar minimum applies for increasing or reducing a place between part-time and full-time. The cut-off deadline for altering an SFO place at the end of the school year is 31 March.

KIS continues to take part in the national initiative for subsidising SFO fees. This has this been expanded to Grade 1 and Grade 2 students for the 2023-24 school year. SFO fees for Grade 1&2 parents who sign up to the initiative will therefore be as follows:

Full-time SFO Grade 1&2: 680 NOK per month

Part-time SFO Grade 1&2: FREE!

Please note that in order for Grade 1&2 families to qualify for the subsidised fees, you must sign up to SFO by 20 September 2023!

Places must be booked through the online form:


For the 2023-24 academic year there also will continue to be a limit on SFO fees for some families. This is a nationwide initiative that KIS is taking part in for parents of students in Grade 1-4 so that SFO fees do not exceed 6% of a family’s total earnings. For the 2023-24 school year, a combined family income of below kr.450,000 will give the right to reduced SFO fees at KIS. Any limit will come into effect from the first month after the application has been received. The final deadline for applications for the coming academic year is 15 September. For further information and to apply, please contact the School Business Manager (


Invoicing information:

School fees and SFO fees are invoiced over a 10-month period. For those who pay for a whole academic year starting in August, there is therefore no payment in June. July is not invoiced.

School fees are invoiced in advance and the date on the invoice indicates the first day of the month being invoiced.

Please see the Home-School Contract you signed with the school for information concerning the termination period.

Contact Info

For general information regarding SFO, please contact the school office by email at or phone 32 29 93 80.


If you need to get in contact with SFO directly, please call SFO Leader Neil Armstrong Arulappu: 98 82 78 15

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