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Living in Kongsberg

Norway has consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world according to the United Nations. This has been put down to a great social care system that has led to a peaceful, prosperous and safe society.


An ideal place to live for families, Kongsberg can be seen as a further bubble of peace, prosperity and safety within the bubble that is Norway. Located just over an hour south-west of Oslo, Kongsberg was original founded as a mining town when silver was discovered in the 17th century. The mines have now become a tourist attraction, but then as now, the town has required and attracted an international workforce. Today, international technology companies give the university town an outward-looking and progressive side and transform it into a centre of global technological excellence with an international population.


If you are keen on outdoor pursuits, Kongsberg and its surroundings can offer a wide range of activities for all seasons: downhill skiing, cross country skiing, climbing, hiking, orienteering, fishing and a variety of team sports, to name but a few. If you prefer a more sedate pace, then sleepy Kongsberg should also appeal to you: for example the modern library, cinema and music theatre complex.


When planning your annual holidays, make sure to be in Kongsberg in the first week of July, when the well-renowned Jazz Festival attracts artists and visitors from far and wide.

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