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Student Council

KIS PYP Student Council

As part of our mission to encourage students to show agency and take action at our school, KIS has a PYP student council that meets during lunch breaks once a week. At least 2 students per grade from Grade 3-6 are elected to represent their classes. Grades 5 and 6 may have 3 representatives each (two of these representatives also take on the responsibility of informing and getting information from Grades 1 and 2). A balance between male and female representatives is sought. The student council members bring ideas and suggestions from their classes to the whole council. These ideas are discussed and acted upon. Students also give their opinion to the school leadership regarding whole school initiatives and surveys.

KIS MYP Student Council


The KIS Student Council is organized around the general principle that students should have an active role in shaping their MYP years through participation in decision-making and in the design of events and structures that make KIS a student-centered, innovative and positive learning experience. The KIS MYP Student Council has three branches, each of which offers an outstanding opportunity to show leadership and to get experience in organizing real projects that have real impact:

The MYP Student Council group consists of two students from each class in the MYP and they meet once per week. They focus on all things that make KIS a positive and interactive place. This includes creating workshops and campaigns for the school on topics that are important to students, organising social events and contributing to the well-being of KIS students.


  • CCRG: CCRG as a group has become a popular part of our learning environment. Every year, students from MYPB, C and D (grade 8-10) can apply for being part of this academically focused committee. They work with reviewing, refining and developing our curriculum, provide focused feedback from students concerning teachers’ individual PD goals, initiate projects to increase action and service and generally function as a group role-modelling responsible action. Read more about this exciting project here by clicking this link: Curriculum Committee Research Group


  • Writers Group: Kongsberg International School has teamed up with the local magazine, 3600, in a unique service opportunity. The writer’s group is a student-led club that showcases the events and activities that happen at KIS and helps to promote student activism and achievement. Students share lunch breaks around a boardroom table and work together to craft articles for the net-based magazine, combing pictures, text, and digital media to tell the stories of what they have achieved. This local magazine is displayed throughout the community and allows students to gain the experience of being a published writer for the first time. The writers group continues to be student-run and allow for leadership that connects the skills they learn in the classroom to the outside world.

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