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KIS is one of the only schools in Norway whose students are required to wear school uniform. We use school uniform as we believe it promotes equality and a shared identity and reduces peer pressure and bullying.


The school uniform at KIS consists of top half clothing only. Students should make sure that their uniform is their top layer of clothing. They may wear other clothing underneath, as long as this is not very visible and the students do not remove the top layer. The royal (light) blue uniform is for the primary school (PYP) and the navy (dark) blue uniform is for the middle school (MYP). Before ordering a school uniform, we recommend you try on the sample uniform that is to be found near the school office in order to make sure you order the correct sizes. 


School uniforms can be ordered through a web shop administered by our suppliers. The internet address of the web shop is: New users will need to register. The uniforms will be delivered for collection at Kopisenteret next to Stortorvet. Alternatively, they can be delivered to your home for an additional fee to cover postage. For any questions concerning ordering of uniform, please contact Supportershoppen at: or by phone: + 47 32 73 18 66. 


If a student does not have uniform (for example if the ordered uniform has not yet arrived), the school will lend uniform from its loan uniform inventory.


We strongly recommend that all items of school uniform are labelled clearly with the student’s name.

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